2021-2026 Strategic Plan


Increase public awareness and education

Position for growth

Advocate for participants and service delivery modalities

BirthMatters will increase understanding of their chosen service models, as well as the impact they are having at the population health level. We believe our maternal and child health and reproductive health work is essential, and will work to expand it through program growth and greater financial sustainability. Our impact will be amplified when we are able to help others replicate the community health worker model and advocate for this and the Doula model as viable preventative health reimbursement modalities.


  • Grow quality of hospital relationships

  • 3-year revenue and staff development plan created and implemented

  • Add 1-2 new locations in each program

  • Lead community health worker training and support

  • Create and implement a marketing plan that connects individual and community wide impact

  • Lead the development of community-wide maternal and child health equity solutions

  • Work toward doula Medicaid reimbursement

  • Host/participate in a minimum of two town hall meeting

  • Regularly measure outcomes against comparable population data and report impact


We will focus on quality service delivery, service expansion and systemic change that is needed to achieve greater maternal and child health
equity. We believe this is best accomplished through the following frameworks:

  • system change

  • local services with statewide advocacy

  • collective impact

  • health equity