Breastfeeding Friendly Businesses

Is Your Business Breastfeeding Friendly?

The Breastfeeding Friendly Business label is a project aimed at improving the health of mothers and babies in Spartanburg. By labeling businesses as breastfeeding friendly, we are letting mothers in the community know that they are welcome to breastfeed their babies at those businesses without fear of judgment or harassment. This effort hopes to make it easier for mothers in Spartanburg to provide their babies with the best nutrition possible, while being able to go about their daily lives. We hope to decrease the stigmatization of breastfeeding to create a healthier community.

To see if your business qualifies as a Breastfeeding Friendly Business, answer this question:

Do you provide a welcoming, safe, clean space for mothers to breastfeed their babies? This could include public spaces such as a waiting room, dining area, or retail space, but it does not include bathrooms. No special room or chair are needed, but are always appreciated.

If you can answer yes to this question, you qualify as being a Breastfeeding Friendly Business! To be included as a breastfeeding friendly business, please contact Molly Chappell-McPhail at

The Breastfeeding Friendly Business project is an initiative of BirthMatters, the Mary Black Foundation, and the Road to better Health initiative.