National Condom Day

February 14, 2021

Guest Blogger Loree Bishop, H.I.V. Prevention Coordinator with Piedmont Care

Safer Sex Spartanburg

Did you know you can get free condoms at select locations throughout Spartanburg? The majority of these locations, known as condom access points, are supplied by Piedmont Care’s condom distribution program.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, condom distribution programs, or CDPs, are a cost-effective structural intervention providing resources that prevent HIV, STIs, and unintended pregnancies. Sites like tattoo shops, barbershops, colleges, and community organizations that receive condoms and educational supplies from Piedmont Care are crucial in extending the reach of prevention efforts.

Condom distribution programs increase equitable access to vital safer sex supplies. More access prevents future medical costs associated with HIV, STIs, and unintended pregnancies and improves health outcomes in our community.

Several common barriers may hinder access to safer sex supplies, such as cost, lack of transportation, or shame and embarrassment. Piedmont Care’s condom distribution program and its partner sites help reduce these barriers by providing discreet and convenient condom access for free, thereby increasing condom acquisition, use, and carrying.

Condom partnerships also increase sexual health awareness by promoting and destigmatizing conversations around safer sex practices. Sites may request additional resources from Piedmont Care at any time, such as education sessions on HIV/STI prevention, proper condom/barrier use, and/or condom demonstrations.

Piedmont Care’s condom distribution program provides assorted brands such as Lifestyles, ONE, Trojan Magnums, FC2 (female or internal condoms), and dental dams. We also provide water-based, silicone, and flavored lubricants. Lube adds an additional layer of prevention by reducing friction and lessening the likelihood of condom tearing, breakage, and skin trauma.

Condoms are highly effective in preventing HIV/STI transmission and provide a hormone-free option for pregnancy prevention. Remember to always check the expiration date of condoms before use and keep them away from extreme temperatures.

Want more information on being a condom distribution partner? Need to know where you can access free condoms? Contact Loree Bishop, Piedmont Care’s HIV Prevention Coordinator, at

Fight stigma where you live by supporting condom distribution programs.

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