BirthMatters Goes Live on Instagram

We know other communities are struggling with this pandemic and how to see a fresh perspective or notice any positive insight. COVID is a trying time for all birth workers. One specific way is finding creative ways to connect with our moms and families. Our wonderful team of community doulas are great with problem solving and finding solutions..

Eboni Williams oversees BirthMatter’s social media and was quick to say let’s have Live Chats with our moms. And so, the #yourstorymatters journey begins.

First, our doulas talk to a mom about sharing her journey with our Instagram community. Once the mom is open to it, we select a few questions to share with her. The doulas have noticed that sharing the questions right before the chat creates a more organic process and conversation. As you may know, doulas are gifted with holding space for others. And our doulas are no exception. Amber said “it felt strange at first supporting from a distance, but we got there”.  Tiera reports “the first one was hard because I was more nervous. The more you do them the more comfortable you get”. Eboni says “we encourage other doulas to explore Live Chats and reach out to us if you need any support with it”.

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