Child Abuse Prevention Month

Have you noticed the blue pinwheels flying around in yards? Do you know what it
stands for? It’s Pinwheel Prevention that brings awareness to Child Abuse Prevention
What Child Prevention Month means to me: by board member Shenra Jackson
 It means that we take the time to refocus on communities and families. We also take
the time to work together with other agencies for the greater good of preventing child
abuse. This month brings awareness to the many forms in which child abuse may
happen (Physical Abuse, Mental Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Verbal Abuse, neglect etc.)
while educating everyone on the signs and potential dangers. It warms my heart to see
that we have agencies that will take time out of their schedule to support the cause by
being available for discussion, educating parents and youth and by displaying the
pinwheels as well as being able to explain their meaning when asked. I am  thankful for
places like the Hope Center for Children where I see on a regular the love and kindness
that is shown to kids that may have been in one of these situations.  While I serve on
the board  at BirthMatters as Co-Chair I’m thankful for their nonstop involvement in the
communities and with the families being served. At BirthMatters we  support the
pinwheel prevention campaign and take child abuse prevention very seriously, while we
are advocating to prevent teen pregnancy we empower young adults to raise healthy
families .  I am and will continue to be an advocate for children and  be their voice when
they feel they don’t have one. 

Below are the National outcomes provided by DSS
16,134 cases founded
53% ages 0-6
29 % ages  7-12
50% Neglect
39% Physical Abuse
To report Suspected Child Abuse or Neglect
1-888-Care4us or 188822273487
911 for life threatening 
Below are Spartanburg County outcomes provided by DSS
3862 intakes 
2490 referred for investigations 
573 founded cases 
616 referred to community based services 
756 no action needed

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