Can we talk 4th Trimester?!

Yes, the 4th one that no one is talking about and in my opinion is the toughest. I can remember overly
preparing my clients as some of them would be giving birth before me. I remember thinking oh, I am on
baby number four and I am educated more now I will be fine. Well as time came for me to have my
baby, I begin to feel a huge rush of anxiety due to my health changing so quickly. I suffered in silence
because at the time I was wanting to help my clients and remain “Strong”. As an African American
woman, we are taught to be strong and it’s handed down from generations. Remain “STRONG” and
keep going. Well in my opinion that strength is not helping us, it is in fact hurting us. No one can tell you
when the postpartum depression will happen but when it does it falls on you hard. It felt like I was in a
deep dark hole all alone and let me just say trying to function and take care of a newborn and three
other children was so difficult. Had I not opened my mouth about how I was feeling to my trusted
support team, I really believe I would not be here to even testify to how real Postpartum depression is. I
was strong enough to speak up and seek help and that is the true definition of being strong. It is not
suffering in silence! I truly accredit my healing to God and as well as therapy. Thankfully as of now I am
doing well and to say I am completely healed would not be the truth. I am better because knowing that
it is completely okay to ask for help and it is completely okay not to be okay was an option, I knew that I
had. I am extremely much more compassionate about educating my community on mental health and
the importance of the 4th Trimester. I know having options saved my life as well as it has many others.


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