When Life Becomes a Little Hard “LOVE ON” by Lead Doula Amber

I honestly don’t know where to begin! My mind has been unsettled with everything that has been going on in America. This civil unrest is very disturbing for me as well as the families in which I serve. I would like to challenge my readers to close their eyes and imagine being pregnant or supporting someone that is pregnant. What does that look like for you? In most cases it’s beautiful and exciting! In my reality not all the time. Most of the families that I serve experience fear, a fear  that I recognize myself. The fear is bringing a BLACK MALE into this world. Fear of him not being safe, fear of him dying before life even begins. Doula work includes creating safe spaces including space communities. I know when I support a family, feeling safe and trusted is the most important piece to my work. I will not compromise and will meet my families where they are including hard conversations about injustice. 

I am a mother of three growing black men and also a DOULA. As a doula I’m fighting for birth equity. However, the world I’m living in doesn’t seem to have much regard for a Black male life. How do we reassure and comfort our mothers that are expecting to raise black males? I struggled with this myself because I don’t want to live in fear of what if’s. The answer for me is letting them know to have hope, joy and to love on their babies and to live life to the fullest!  ~Amber Pendergraph

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